School Board

The St. Leo Catholic School Board is a consultative and advisory body which provides assistance to the School Administration. It recommends to the Pastor and Principal long and short range programs or policies aimed at assisting in the growth, development, and utilization of resources of St. Leo Catholic School. The School Board is responsible to follow the Mission for Catholic Schools, adopted by the Diocesan Board of Education. The Board has been given the responsibility by the Parish Finance Council to oversee and advise the PTO and Athletic finances.

Executive Board 2016-2017                        

Fr. Brian Cook, Pastor                       Joanne M. Brown , Principal                          

Mike Allen, Chairperson                    Phil Mohr, Vice-President              

Michelle Deal, Secretary                   Juana Guiler, Member-at-Large

    Jon Stone, Member-at-Large


Board Representatives:

Marilyn Bertelsen, Finance Director; Christine Cooper, Teacher Rep; Tammy Wheeler, PTO Representative; April Penn & John Dell co-ADs, Athletic Representatives


The National Association of Boards, Commissions and Councils of Catholic Education of the NCEA honored St. Leo Catholic School with the 2006 Outstanding Board Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to Catholic education.