Welcome to Kindergarten!  It's a pivotal year in which we will have fun learning and growing.
Our curriculum throughout the year focuses on:
  • General Readiness Skills gained through centers such as blocks, puzzles, math, housekeeping , reading, art, games and listening.
  • Reading Readiness including phonics skills (sounds of letters and blending) which enable them to read short vowel stories and to develop a vocabulary of sight words.
  • Math Readiness including shape recognition, sequencing events, pattern recognition, quantitative concepts, counting objects to 20, writing numbers to 20, addition and subtraction readiness, as well as, simple problem solving.  Telling time to the hour and money recognition are also taught.
  • Handwriting which includes the correct pencil grip and paper position.  Students learn to write all of the capital and lowercase letters, numbers to 20, their full names and to copy short sentences from the board.  Students are taught the Palmer method of handwriting.
  • Religion includes working in a textbook, listening to Bible stories, learning prayers and songs.  The philosophy of the class is a simple one which concentrates on familiar elements in the lives of children conducted in a prayerful way leading to an understanding of the caring presence of God.  
  • Science stresses the discovery of the child's immediate environment--trees, plants, birds, insects, our skeleton and bodies.
  • Social studies emphasizes self esteem, families and community helpers.
  • Related Arts Teachers provide instruction in French, Computers, Music, Library, Art and Fitness.  This enrichment experience enables the children to experience different teachers and teaching styles.
For the 2017-2018 Kindergarten Supply List, please click below.