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Eighth Grade

Our Eighth Grade Curriculum is as follows:

English Language Arts
Classroom Teacher: Ms. Callie Moore and Mr. Colton Brown
Language Arts includes exposure and study or many literary genres including the short story, nonfiction, poetry and drama.  Grammar, the mechanics of English, and vocabulary independent of literature are studied.  Writing is taught and refined through practice in descriptive, informative, narrative, persuasive, and creative writing styles. Sentence structure and effective communication skills are emphasized.

Learning Experiences: 

  • Students explore drama through live production.
  • Students explore speaking and researching through Eighth Grade Speech.
  • Students explore persuasive speaking and research through Model UN.

Texts: Prentice Hall, Literature, "Timeless Voices, Timeless Theme" (2000 ed.) Prentice Hall, "Writing and Grammar" including a workbook for students, Wordly Wise 3000, Book 8
Supplemental Resources: Esther Forbes, George Orwell, Animal Farm, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, adapted by Gareth Hinds as a graphic novel, Junior Scholastic Magazine

US History
Classroom Teacher: Ms. Callie Moore
US History explores the history of the United States from the Colonial Period through the end of the twentieth century. Emphasis on the formation of government and democracy is stressed. Social Studies skills such as map reading, uses of primary and secondary sources, and writing are emphasized.  Interactive resources, biography, and video are components of the series used.

Learning Experiences: 

  • Students take capstone trip to Washington, DC.
  • Students explore persuasive speaking and research through Model UN.

Text:  Holt McDougal, "United States History" 2012 ed.
Extensive online material through the History Channel is part of the text as well.
Supplemental Resources:  Esther Forbes, Junior Scholastic magazine

Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Wilson
All students will take Algebra their 8th grade year.  They will either be placed in Algebra I which is an advanced class and is taught as an honors level course or Algebra which will go through the curriculum at a pace that is appropriate for their learning styles.  Both classes will reason abstractly and quantitatively to solve problems. They will construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others by modeling equations through tables, graphs and word problems. Students will enhance their learning through multiple projects throughout the year. During the school year, students will challenge their math skills through weekly essentials.  Multiple problems that make students review their skills and think outside the box...outside the traditional curriculum. Students will use the Sadlier Oxford Algebra I (2010) series to support their learning. 

Classroom Teacher: Mr. Colton Brown 
Eighth Grade Religion includes the study of the tradition, mystery, and witness of the Catholic faith. Students study the history of the Church and their role as growing members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Each chapter is aligned with Scripture, Catholic social teaching, and Church documents.

The Eighth Grade curriculum puts a great emphasis on Christian service. In addition to performing spiritual and corporal works of mercy, students will present a Wax Museum of Saints and the Living Stations of the Cross to the school community.
Texts: Loyola Press, Christ Our Life (2016), New American Bible, Revised Edition

Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Mythily Isaac
Eighth grade curriculum is mostly chemistry, earth science, and physical science. The iScience(2016) series by McGraw Hill is used to support student learning. An interactive notebook is used in teaching science and it has improved students note taking skills a great deal. Students are expected to come prepared to class every day to take a review quiz. Students will have a lot of labs and activities that develops and improves higher thinking skills, application skills, reasoning skills and team building. Students will be expected to do a major STREAM project this year. Eighth grade curriculum is very rigorous and challenging to prepare students for high school.