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Yearbook (Ms. Randall) - 8th grade students only

Students will be responsible for creating the school yearbook. They will learn to use an online design program in their layout of the pages. They will learn to write quality copy and captions for their pages and learn to take yearbook appropriate photos to use in their pages. This is a wonderful elective for students interested in journalism, design, and photography.

Writing Skills (Mr. Brown)

Middle school students can learn to write more effectively with  Mr. Brown as he will teach sentence fluency, grammar skills and clarity of expression. Mr. Brown will provide a comprehensive approach to language arts for middle school students. Sentence and paragraph construction will be key skills for elective students to create writing projects such as essays, reports, and stories. Grammar rules are also crucial. Students will be taught sentence mechanics, spelling, verb tenses, correct use of object and nominative case pronouns, punctuation use, correct capitalization, adverb and adjective use, prepositional phrases and conjunctions used to connect dependent and independent clauses.

Basketball Skills – 2nd and 3rd Trimester (Mr. Dell)

This elective is geared toward students who are actively interested in playing basketball on a team. In this elective we will develop essential skills like dribbling and shooting, as well as engage in small-sided games and tournaments. Students will set goals for their own skill development and come up with strategies to meet those goals.

Volleyball Skills – 1st Trimester (Mr. Dell)

An important part of coaching is teaching your players the basic skills they need to play the game. In the volleyball elective, all players will learn how to serve, set, pass, spike, block and dig the ball. If you're not sure what all of these terms mean, don't sweat it.

LEGO Robotics (Mrs. Hackl)

In this course, students learn robotics concepts, building robots with LEGO NXT hardware and programming with the LEGO Mindstorm software. Students will build and program robots that will need to accomplish specific tasks based on the competition theme.

CARE (Curriculum Assistance) By invitation only. (Mrs. Hardy & Mrs. Connelly)

CARE stand for curriculum assistance resources excellence. This elective is being offered to qualifying students during the 2019-2020 school year. This program is designed to improve organizational and study skills and to monitor the application of those study skills within a student’s curriculum. Core teachers will be available during this time to help students with challenges in their classes.

Drama (Mr. Brock)

In this class, we will begin to explore drama. The purpose of this class is to provide a general overview of theatre. Students will explore various components to theater such as theatre history, stage movement, pantomime, use of the voice, Greek theatre and improvisation. This will be a very hands on class using games and activities. If you have ever wanted to be in theater, or have an interest, then this class is for you!!!

Dance (Mrs. Dudley)

Mrs. Dudley's Dance Elective:  Mrs. Dudley has extensive teaching and performance background in many forms of Dance!  She plans to teach all her favorite steps from Contemporary to Jazz to Tap to Broadway styles.  The students will have fun learning enough moves to fill a full dance routine during the 12 weeks.

Ceramics – 1st Trimester  (Mrs. Wooten)

Students will explore various ceramic hand building methods to create functional and decorative objects. Students will also explore various finishing and glazing techniques.

Printmaking – 2nd Trimester (Mrs. Wooten)

Printmaking is the art of creating multiples from an original design, usually on paper. Students will explore various techniques such as monoprints, relief, gelatin and intaglio/block printing

Sculpture – 3rd Trimester (Mrs. Wooten)

Students will explore 3-D design using sculptural techniques and materials such as papier mache, wire, recycled objects, clay and plaster.


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