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Seventh Grade

Our Seventh Grade Curriculum is as follows:

English Language Arts
Classroom Teacher: Ms. Callie Moore and Mr. Colton Brown
Seventh Grade English Language Arts (ELA) focuses on developing student’s reading and writing skills. Through reading novels, articles, and poetry students will learn how to analyze, compare/contrast, and evaluate the texts. Students will begin the year reading Wonder, a collaborative book analysis for sixth and seventh grades. Students will then continue reading poetry, articles, and other novels. Students will engage in reading complementary articles and stories with each primary text and will relate discussions to historical or scientific units of study. In our English study, students will use the Prentice Hall Grammar and Writing (2008) textbook. They will write literary analyses, as well as, narrative, persuasive, and informative essays. Seventh Graders work to develop strong persuasive writing skills and show off these skills on the spring Diocesan Writing Assessment. Through the writing process students will also develop grammar skills to become better writers. 

World History and Geography
Classroom Teacher: Ms. Callie Moore
Seventh Grade World History and Geography is the study of place and culture exploring the five themes of Geography:  Place, Location, Region, Human Interaction, and Movement.  Emphasis is on the culture and history of countries within regions.  Social studies skills such as map reading, uses of primary and secondary sources, and writing are emphasized.  Interactive resources, biography, skill sheets, and videos are components of the series used. Students will also explore the middle ages, Renaissance, and exploration. 
Texts: Holt McDougal "Geography" 2012 ed. and Holt McDougal "World History"2012 ed.
Extensive online material through the History Channel is part of the text as well.
Supplemental Resources:  Interactive online resources (; Junior Scholastic Magazine

Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Wilson
Welcome to Pre-Algebra.  Seventh Grade students will develop and apply proportional relationships, understand operations with rational numbers through expressions and linear equations, and solve problems involving scale drawings with 2D and 3D figures.  Students will draw inferences about population based on samples. Students will primarily use the Sadlier Oxford Foundations of Algebra textbook (2009) to support their learning. Throughout the school year, students will challenge their math skills through weekly essentials.  Multiple problems that make students review their skills and think outside the box...outside the traditional curriculum.

Classroom Teacher: Mr. Colton Brown 
Seventh Grade Religion students will gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how He fulfills the Old Testament covenant promises. Through the historical accounts and parables of the New Testament, we will learn what it means to follow Jesus in our daily lives. Study of the lives of the saints and the liturgy of the Church will help nurture students' deeper prayer life. The year will conclude with a unit on the Sacraments.
Texts: Loyola Press, Christ Our Life (2016);  New American Bible, Revised Edition

Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Mythily Isaac
Seventh grade curriculum deals mostly with weather and climate, human anatomy, and physical science.  I will use interactive notebook that encourages students to improve their note taking skills. Students will also use the iScience textbook by McGraw Hill (2016). Students will do many small assignments that involve critical thinking, reasoning, and team work. They will have a major STREAM project this year and will have a month to complete it. Students are expected to come prepared to class every day to take a review quiz. There will be a review quiz at the end of each chapter followed by hands-on lab activity.  Seventh grade curriculum is filled with challenge and rigor to prepare students for high school.