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St. Leo School: Where Community Meets Family

What makes a school unique is its sense of community. What makes it truly outstanding is a feeling of “being at home” with family. This is not something you see by touring the school or visiting it virtually online. Rather it is something you feel when you walk through the door.

St. Leo Catholic School is a place where your child and your family will feel at home. The principal and teachers are welcoming. The students are friendly. The staff is warm and inviting.
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Finding a Home at St. Leo Catholic School

Choosing an elementary or middle school for your child should be as easy as placing the schools in an Excel spreadsheet and objectively measuring them against the criteria you have set for your child’s education. Whichever school gets the most checks in the most boxes is the school that should be the one selected.

There’s one more important check—the “gut check.” So, you schedule tours at each of the schools that meet your personal criteria. When you walk through the doors of the school, the last important question is does the school feel like “home?”
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Personalized Education Focuses On The Whole Child

Personalization is a research-based approach to education that puts the individual learner at the center and meets students where they are. Meeting students where they are starts with understanding that students do not arrive on the first day of preschool or kindergarten as a blank canvas. Each student is shaped by their familial and cultural experiences. Each student is an individual and it’s critical that educators recognize that a one size fits all approach to education will not help students reach their full potential. Read the full article to learn how St. Leo Catholic School can meet the educational needs or your child.
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