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PTO Board

The Parent/Teacher Organization works to create a positive and collaborative environment at St. Leo Catholic School. It sponsors social events to foster a cohesive school community and raises money primarily through fundraisers. Money raised by this organization directly benefits the students by funding our art programs, enriching the library, purchasing various teaching materials for the classrooms, teacher lounge appreciation items, and carrying out numerous other projects which help maintain a productive atmosphere for all students, faculty, and staff. Last year, our PTO sponsored Spring & Fall Family Picnics, hosted the 2nd Annual Fall Family Festival, sponsored Catholic Schools Week activities and hosted our biennial auction which was themed "Mardi Gras Masquerade."


The Parent Teacher Organization encourages the school community to attend General Meetings at Christmas, during Catholic Schools Week and at the end of each year with the Athletic Association. The two groups work together to support and synchronize projects and events for the community.


PTO Executive Board    

Tammy Wheeler, President                             Francesca Jewell, Treasurer

Cody Schoen, Vice President                         Jennifer Barroso, Secretary


Elections are held annually each spring and parents are encouraged to participate.  If you are interested in serving, please contact the school office or a member of the board to learn more about the position in which you are interested.

Please click on the file below to review the PTO Meeting Minutes or to see the PTO Bylaws.