Ms. Georgette Koty

I was born and raised in a Francophone country of West Africa, Benin Republic.  I grew up in an environment where many local dialects are spoken, and as a child, I have been required to learn a few in order to communicate with my community.  This exposure has not only enriched my cultural heritage but advanced my language development growth.  
As the educational system is in French, students continue developing their language skills during the course of their primary, secondary and undergraduate studies, which was my case, too.  After completion of my undergraduate studies, I started teaching Science, Math and Statistics, in Public Middle, and Senior High Schools, and also in National Nursing and Private Insurance Schools.  I taught in and outside my country, for six years, before embracing the challenges of graduate studies in the U.S.A.  I have two little precious daughters growing well, and like cooking, reading (I like poetry and have written a few) and discussing faith matters.
I am in my second year of French Foreign Language instruction, and really appreciate the experience in this Faith-Filled environment.  It truly has made me appreciate the behind the scene efforts of Teachers, Builders of the “Scholar Mind”.  The experience is so evolving that one cannot sustain in a lethargic mode.  I salute the Teachers, my Heroes.
I like this French language, often called “La Langue de Molière”, which has molded me so well that I passionately wish and work hard for my students at Saint Leo Catholic School, to get it. This is my legacy.