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St. Leo Catholic School couldn't be prouder of you and all that you've accomplished since you were a student here. (We always knew you had it in you!)     

In fact, your alma mater is so very proud of you that (with your permission of course!) we want to feature you in a celebratory presentation we are putting together for Catholic Schools Week, which begins on Sunday, January 30th, 2022 and concludes on February 5th. 

We know that we stressed the virtue of humility while you were here (), but would you mind if we took this occasion to "brag on you" in this way? If you're okay with us doing that, fantastic! We would love to have your responses to the following questions/prompts below.

We can't wait to celebrate you and your fellow alums via social media and on posters in our lobby!  Thank you for being YOU, and may God shower you and your family with abundant blessings in 2022.  GO LIONS!

Ps. Was your favorite memory running the St. Leo Run Leo? If so, check out the Run Leo Race page. We loved for you to come back and join us in March 2022!

CSW 22 Alum Questionnaire
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