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Student Council

St. Leo Catholic School Student Council enables students to serve their school community in leadership positions.  Each fall, middle school students run for one of the following offices:

Article V-Student Council Positions and Duties

  • Section 1-The President of the Student Council shall
    • Conduct Student Council meetings
    • Be an ex-officio member of all committees serving Student Council
    • Consult and seek approval of the Student Council advisors for all proposals
  • Section 2-The Vice President shall
    • Assume responsibilities of the president in his/her absence
    • Attend all meetings of Student Council committees and keep the president and Student Council informed of committee activities
  • Section 3-The Secretary shall
    • Record minutes of Student council activities
    • Read minutes of previous meeting for student body
    • Carefully preserve minutes of Student Council meetings and this Constitution
    • Notify elected representatives of time, date and place of Student Council meetings
    • Maintain a permanent record of elected representatives and officers
  • Section 4-The Treasurer shall
    • Collect Student Council funds at fund raising activities
    • Be responsible for counting and recording Student Council funds
    • Maintain a record of raised and used funds
  • Section 5-The Marshall shall
    • Maintain order at Student Council meetings when requested by the President
    • Call the roll at Student Council meetings and keep the Secretary informed concerning the record of attendance of officers and elected representatives
    • Monitor the middle school stairwell at dismissal and as needed
    • Deliver ice to the office every morning
  • Section 6-The Chaplain shall
    • Lead the student body in pre and post meeting prayer
    • Lead the organization of any spiritual events for student body
    • Lead or organize prayer every day after lunch
    • Collect names from prayer wall and pray for special intentions during student council meetings
    • Act as a vocal moral compass to the student body
  • Section 7-Officers and Representatives
    • A minimum number of service hours must be required to be completed during the school year
    • These hours must come from the student’s free time
    • Officers must complete 5 hours each trimester
    • Representatives must complete 2 hours each trimester
    • All service hours must be verified by faculty or staff