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Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Alumni and Friends of St. Leo:

On behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to St. Leo Catholic School in Winston Salem. St. Leo has a long established history of excellence. We are a community where academics, culture and spirit come together. We are a community where students and parents are welcomed, encouraged, respected and nurtured. 

While we do provide a high-quality instructional program rooted in Catholic teachings and follow the guidelines of the most recent educational standards, what makes St. Leo unique is the incredible bond that our students create with God and with one another. We feature a well-balanced curriculum, taught in a welcoming environment that promotes honesty, integrity and responsibility. Our students are well-prepared to continue their studies in high school and beyond.

Our mission is clear. Every child, unique in talent and ability, should have an opportunity for an education in a community in which Catholic moral values are not only taught, but lived. Therefore, we strive to provide an environment where each student is accepted and challenged to reach his or her potential in becoming a whole person.

Our ministry of education and formation is rooted in the mission that extends from the rigors of academic work to the spirit present in prayer and worship - from the challenges of athletic competition to the supportive atmosphere of care and compassion, and the work of social justice. This is the work of the Gospel and, therefore, serves the ministry of St. Leo Catholic School.

At St. Leo, it is not simply our job, but our vocation to educate young people and to help them to realize their academic and personal goals and, along the way, help them to become moral individuals.

Welcome to the St. Leo Catholic School community!

Gary C. Callus