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Lunch Program

St. Leo Catholic School offers an optional lunch program for all K-8 Grade students who wish to participate.  Lunch is catered by area restaurants Mondays through Fridays when school is in session.  Students may opt to participate in one or all five days.  The fee varies by what the child orders each day. Lunch is ordered in advance of each trimester. The 2021-2022 School Lunch Cycles are listed below.

To Order : Please click HERE to place your order.  Ordering for the 2nd Lunch Cycle is now open  and will close on Friday, August 12th. 


1st Lunch Cycle

Ordering is August 2nd through August 13th
Lunches are served August 23rd through November 19th

2nd Lunch Cycle:

Ordering will be November 1st through November 12th
Lunches are served November 29th through February 17th

3rd Lunch Cycle:

Ordering will be February 1st through February 11th
Lunches are served February 22nd through June 3rd

Vendors included in our lunch program are as follows:

Mondays:  Chick-fil-A
Tuesdays:  Tequila Mexican Restaurant

Wednesdays:  Coppola's Italian Restaurant
Thursdays:  Wayback Burger
Fridays:  Mario's Pizza