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Middle School

Our faith-based liberal arts curriculum for our middle school teaches literacy through researched based instruction in grammar, written expression and handwriting. Students gain math and science acumen through weekly essentials and labs, instruction to the Spanish language, music and art appreciation, as well as teamwork through athletic program. 

In addition, our Middle School students will partake in an elective program that will be taught three days per week. The program will consist of the following electives.

  • Yearbook (8th grade students only)
  • Basic Writing Class
  • Basketball Skills (2nd and 3rd Trimester)
  • Volleyball (1st Trimester)
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Curriculum Assistance Elective (CARE) - By invitation Only
  • Drama Elective
  •  Dance Elective
  • Art Elective (Ceramics, Printmaking and Sculpture)
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