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¡Hola! Here’s an overview of the Spanish Curriculum in grades K-8. 

Spanish Kindergarten - Second Grades
K-2 Spanish classes are full of music, singing, chants, rhythms, dancing, art... pretty much anything that provides a colorful backdrop for becoming familiar with (and hopefully growing to love!) the language and related cultures. At this level, we tend to focus heavily on learning and using basic conversational vocabulary, developing an "ear" for the language and pronunciation, and making some foundational strides in recognizing grammar structures. We also discuss traditions and celebrate the holidays of many Spanish-speaking cultures, and seek to enhance our appreciation for all kinds of diversity in our community and beyond.

Text and Supplemental Materials:
We use the Sonrisas Level I curriculum, supported by a collection of authentic children’s texts and cultural music. Language learning is also supported by interactive smartboard activities and quality bilingual websites such as Calico Spanish and Spanish Playground.

Spanish Third - Fifth Grades
In grades 3-5, the singing, dancing, and artistic creating continue to bring Hispanic culture to life in the classroom. Additionally, we progress in expanding vocabulary and conversational competency. Furthermore, students are introduced to reading and writing in Spanish, and are challenged to a deeper understanding of grammar structures with learning goals for middle school Spanish in mind.

Text and Supplemental Materials:
Students in grades 3-5 continue using the Sonrisas Level 1 Curriculum with authentic texts, music, interactive activities and websites, but add Real Spanish ¡Ahora Mismo! Activity Book Level 1 as a resource to develop reading and writing skills.

Spanish Sixth - Eighth Grades
In Middle School Spanish, we emphasize rigorous goals for developing comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills that allow for deeper competency with the language. We experience the language by exploring diverse cultures, cultivating global awareness, and promoting social justice as we learn. Objectives in middle school are aligned to prepare St. Leo graduates for high school Spanish II.

Test and Supplemental Materials:
Grades 6, 7 and 8 are using ¡Avancemos! Spanish I with audio and video programs, supported by Práctica por Niveles or Cuaderno Para Hispanohablantes workbooks. We love to mix things up with ¿Qué Tal? Scholastic Classroom Magazine, “Culture Kits” from Carolina Navigators and quality tutorials and songs like those created by Señor Jordan and Señor Wooly.