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Here at St. Leo’s Catholic School, we subscribe to the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy of music education.  What is the Orff philosophy? Stated simply, it is a creative process started by Carl Orff that uses singing, playing, moving, listening, and creating to help the child develop fully their innate desire to enjoy music.  Konnie Saliba, one of the Orff pioneers here in the US, states that,

“In Orff-Schulwerk, all facets of expressing, creating, and performing music are integrated from the first moment class begins.  The child is the participant involved in and making his own music. In an Orff class, the child is never a spectator. He is working and playing simultaneously, because for a child work and play are the same.”

Pitched and unpitched instruments, which include World Drumming, i.e  tubanos, shekeres, gankogui, cowbell, etc. are used to create an exciting and inviting environment for our students to fully explore what music has to offer.  World Drumming helps with cooperation, cultural awareness, respect, focus, a sense of beat and rhythm, ensemble, and listening to name a few.