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Learning Support

The Mission of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Charlotte is to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and to provide a religious and academic program that allows each student to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, so that each is prepared to live and serve in a changing society as a self-respecting citizen.

The mission of the Special Needs Programs is to be committed to identifying the most successful learning environment for each student so that each student achieves academic success.


  1. To assist the school community in identifying students needing additional educational support.
  2. To provide direct specialized instruction for students who have been identified as having a disability or who are struggling in the classroom academically.
  3. To support teachers in providing differentiated instruction to meet the unique learning needs of all students.
  4. To support parents who are seeking information, support and/or services for their child who requires additional assistance in achieving academic, emotional, behavioral, and social success.
  5. To provide parents with information regarding other educational opportunities should we be unable to meet the needs of a student.

Please click on the file below to see the learning support process at St. Leo Catholic School:

SAT Process