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The Athletics Program at St. Leo Catholic School is aimed at encouraging teamwork, good sportsmanship and overall fitness.  We are part of PECSAA (Piedmont Elementary Catholic School Athletic Association) and compete against area Catholic schools.  Our mascot is the Lion as it represents courage, determination and leadership.  View our Athletics video to learn more.

From Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, students may participate in Track during the spring.  Students in Fifth through Sixth Grades are eligible for Junior Varsity and students in Seventh and Eighth Grades are eligible for Varsity.  The sports played are as follows:

Coed JV and Varsity Volleyball Teams 
Coed JV and Varsity Cross Country Teams 
Coed JV and Varsity Cheer Squads  
Boys’ JV and Varsity Basketball Teams 
Girls’ JV and Varsity Basketball Teams 
Coed Varsity Golf  
Coed Track for Kindergarten through 8th Grade  

Participating students pay an Athletic Fee for each sport played and the following forms are due prior to the first day of practice: