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Our Art Curriculum by grade is as follows:

Learning Experiences:
In Grades K-8, the program is filled with projects and activities that will enhance self expression, boost critical thinking habits, improve collaborative participation, grow creativity and develop communication skills through writing and talking about art.  We will focus on exploration of the art world through Art Production, Art Criticism, Aesthetics, and Art History.  All students will have studio experiences in techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, fibers, and mixed media.

Grades K-2:
Above all, the goal for our young students is to develop a love of art.  Each year new skills and techniques are progressively built upon, beginning with basic motor skills and advancing through the fine arts media.  Throughout K-2, the fundamental art language of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design are learned and used as a part of our normal vocabulary.

Grades 3-5:
Building on the fundamentals of art, students are encouraged to use their God-given gift of creativity and imagination, and are challenged to create meaningful and personal works of art.  History and culture is an integral part of our inspiration and understanding, ranging from our local community to North Carolina and United States contexts.  

Grades 6-8:
We continue the exploration of different art techniques and materials, expanding artistic skill.  Mediums used in Middle School become more advanced skill and technique.  Our inspiration and understanding of art expands to a comprehensive history of art from the beginning of human society to present.  Students learn the vocabulary and analytical skills necessary to appreciate and critically evaluate their work and the work of others.