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Eighth Grade Activities

Eighth Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

  • Dare to Think Big - Setting SMART Goals
  • High School Preparation –  GPA, QPA Course Levels with Own Your Own Future Website Clips
  • High School Preparation – Planning Ahead – HS Resume, Educational Planner
  • HS Facts Jeopardy
  • Surviving HS Clips and Discussion Questions
  • College Comparisons & Admissions Decisions
  • Career Key Assessment and College Foundation of NC
  • The Truth About Drinking DVD
  • Drug Fact Workbooks (
  • Benefits of Resisting Drugs (Project Alert)
  • The Truth About Drugs DVD
  • “Natural High” Series
  • Stress:  The Good, Bad and Healthy
  • Facing Prejudice Skits & Discussion
  • Touch Safety/Internet Safety Program
  • Bishop Barron - Why Dr. King Still Matters Today with Powerful Language Article
  • A Time for Justice DVD
  • The Power of Language Article/ Conflict Resolution Skits and Discussion
  • Bullying/Cyber-bulling Video Clips and Worksheets
  • Multicultural Bingo
  • Teaching Tolerance DVD – Holocaust Survivors
  • Middle School Career Day
  • Career Bingo IV
  •  Careers Piecing Together Your Future
  • Dream Big, Work Hard Workbooks
  • Study Skills and Top Ten Tips for High School Students
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