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Seventh Grade Activities

Seventh Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

  • Five Steps to Academic Success- Organization, Note-taking, Read to Learn, Study Smart and Ace the Test
  • Introduction to Project Alert Drug Education Program
  • Project Alert – Consequences of Smoking Cigarettes & Marijuana
  • The Truth About Smoking DVD
  • Project Alert – Drinking Consequences and Alternatives
  • Project Alert – Introduction to Pressures
  • Project Alert – Social Pressures to Use Drugs
  • Project Alert – Resisting Internal & External Pressures to Use Drugs
  • Project Alert – Inhalant, Steroid and Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Project Alert -Club Drugs, Methamphetamine and other Illegal Drugs
  • Drug Awareness Bingo
  • Project Alert – Benefits of Not Using Drugs
  • Drug Awareness Jeopardy
  • “Natural High”- 4
  • Rosa Parks DVD
  • Bullying in Schools Book-Part I
  • Bullying in Schools Book-Part II
  • Touch Safety/ Flirting or Hurting DVD
  • Internet Safety
  • Middle School Career Day
  • Career Exploration-Career Assessment Survey
  • “Looking at Careers”-
  • Career Bingo III
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