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Second Grade Activities

Second Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

1. Perfectly You Book and Worksheet
2. Pete the Cat and the New Guy Book and Song
3. How to Be a Friend Book and Worksheet
4. True Friends are Treasures
5. Friendship- How to be PALS
6. Making Friends is an Art Book
7. Character Tree – Teamwork – Service Dogs
8. Social Filter – Should I Say That Out Loud?
9. Feelings - It’s Not Bad to be Mad
10. Do Unto Otters – A Book About Manners
11. Character Counts -Empathy - The Irwin Family
12. Respect Bingo
13. Please, Please the Bees Story - Being Grateful/Respectful (Storyline)
14. Managing Stress - A Pineapple A Day Strategies
15. Good Study Habits
16. Who is a Stranger Book/Safety/ Online Safety Netzsmartz Website
17. Child Safety Rules Booklet
18. Touch Safety/I Am Special Booklet
19. Marsupial Sue Book & CD (Self-Esteem)
20. Character Counts - Jim Thorpe - Perseverance
21. Spookly the Square Pumpkin – A Family to Be Thankful For
22. Healthy Eating Habits Booklet
23. Manners Bingo
24. How Santa Got His Job Book/Christmas Career Pictionary
25. Howard and The Monkey on His Back/Telling the Truth Song
26. Martin Luther King Picture Book
27. Good Sportsmanship
28. Howard Learns to Get Along Book and Song
29. “Cool Kids” – Freezing Feelings
30. “Cool Kids” – Cool Kids Care
31. Solving Conflicts (Brainpop)
32. Cooperation –Working Together
33. Solving Problems Peacefully Bingo
34. What is Bullying? (Brainpop)
35. Take a Bite Out of Meanness Book
36. Potato Chip Champ – Kindness Counts
37. Good Character Booklet
38. Howard Blends in Like Chameleons: A Fable About Belonging
39. Tools At Work Book- “Paws in Jobland” Website
40. Career Exploration - Thinking About Careers
41. A-Z Career Booklet
42. Career Bingo I
43. Reach for the Stars Booklet