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Third Grade Activities

Third Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

  • How I Sparkle”
  • Super Study Skills – Let’s Get Organized”
  • Super Study Skills- “Help with Homework
  • How to Stay Safe at Home and Outdoors DVD and Handouts
  • Personal Space
  • Safety and Strangers & Safe Touch
  • Race for Better Health Booklet
  • Healthy Habits Workbook
  • Setting Goals for Success
  • Good Communication Skills
  • How Full is Your Bucket?
  • Christmas Career Pathways
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Book and Worksheet
  • Three Friends CD and Friends Quiz Game
  • Responsibility Bingo
  • Working It Out- What is Conflict? Stop & Ask Questions
  • Working It Out- Tell How You Feel, Think of Ideas/Compromise
  • Bully Free Island/Simon’s Hook
  • Internet Safety Program- Browser the Mouse
  • Balloons for Trevor (Understanding Loss)
  • Child Safety Booklet
  • Where Do I Fit? (Career Survey)
  • Careers- Road to the Future
  • Curious Kids - Career Exploration Video
  • Career Exploration- “Paws in Jobland” Arts and Sports
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