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Third Grade Activities

Third Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

1. How I Sparkle”
2. Super Study Skills – Let’s Get Organized”
3. Super Study Skills- “Help with Homework
4. Learning About Responsibility
5. How to Stay Safe at Home and Outdoors DVD and Handouts
6. Safety and Strangers & Safe Touch
7. Personal Space
8. Healthy Habits Workbook
9. Stop and Think - Self Control Skills
10. Stress Management – Calming Strategies
11. Perseverance - Growth Mindset
12. Character Counts - Integrity - Rosa Parks
13. How Full is Your Bucket?
14. Christmas Career Pathways
15. Dr. Martin Luther King Book and Worksheet
16. Three Friends CD and Friends Quiz Game
17. Responsibility Bingo
18. Working It Out- What is Conflict? Stop & Ask Questions 
19. Working It Out- Tell How You Feel, Think of Ideas/Compromise
20. Bully Free Island/Simon’s Hook
21. Internet Safety Program- Browser the Mouse
22. Child Safety Booklet
23. Where Do I Fit? (Career Survey)
24. Careers- Road to the Future
25. Curious Kids – Career Exploration Video
26. Career Exploration Booklet