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First Grade Activities

First Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

1. Pout Pout Goes to School Book and Activity
2. Study Skills-Quality Work
3. Study Skills-First Things First - Work Before Play
4. Study Skills-Rewards for Homework Success
5. Howard Learns to Listen
6. Character Tree - Teamwork
7. Character Tree - Perseverance
8. Responsibility Bingo
9. The Sneeches Book – Diversity and Inclusion
10. Is it Okay – How to Stay Safe DVD
11. Safety Rules Booklet
12. Personal Space Camp Book/Touch Safety
13. Thankful Turkey Art Project
14. Merry Career Exploration
15. Rudolph to the Rescue - Empathy and Accepting Differences
16. Character Tree- Dr. Martin Luther King - Perseverance
17. Dear Polar Bear - Friendship
18. What Are Emotions? (Brainpop Jr.)
19. Feelings - Smart Guidance Lesson
20. Happy and Hurting Hearts
21. Character Tree - Empathy
22. Clark the Shark Learns to Share (Storyline)
23. Character Tree – Perseverance- Story of Seabiscuit
24. Howard on Yes or No: A Fable about Trust
25. Spaghetti Toes Relaxation Exercise
26. Howard Learns It’s OK to Back Away
27. Healthy Eating Habits Booklet I
28. Character Tree - Respect
29. Armadillo Tattletale Book
30. Character Tree - Honesty
31. Solving Conflicts (Brainpop Jr.)
32. Howard Learns about Bullies
33. Chester Raccoon and the Bully Book
34. Trusty Becomes an Upstander
35. Big Deals and Little Deals Book and Interactive Lesson
36. I Can Make Good Choices Booklet
37. Bucket Filling from A to Z
38. Character Counts – Acts of Kindness
39. Building Good Character Activity Booklet
40. Whose Tools Are These Book & Career Town Website 
41. Career Exploration - Community Helpers (Brainpop Jr.)
42. When I Grow Up Career Book and Paws in Jobland Website