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First Grade Activities

First Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

  • Pout Pout Goes to School Book and Activity
  • A “Me” Banner/Happy to Be Me Book
  • Friendly Rules/Finding Friends
  • Study Skills-Setting Up a Study Area
  • Study Skills-Homework Survival Kit
  • Study Skills-Planning Daily Homework Time
  • Study Skills-Rewards for Homework Success
  • Howard Learns to Listen
  • Freddie the Fly - Connecting the Dots (Learning Social Cues)
  • Is it Okay – How to Stay Safe DVD
  • Safety Rules Booklet
  • Personal Space Camp Book/Touch Safety
  • Pete the Cat - The FIrst Thanksgiving
  • Merry Career Exploration
  • Rudolph to the Rescue Book
  • Dr Martin Luther King Story Booklet
  • Colors Come from God Book and Rainbow Activity
  • Happy and Hurting Hearts
  • Clark the Shark Learns to Share Book
  • Howard Learns to Listen Book and Song
  • Feelings Smart Guidance Lesson
  • Dear Polar Bear (How to Overcome Feeling Lonely)
  • Howard on Yes or No:  A Fable About Trust
  • Rainbow Fish- A Fishy Story and the Copy Cat Fish
  • Spaghetti Toes Relaxation Exercise
  • Howard Learns It’s OK to Back Away
  • How Do I Stand In Your Shoes? (Book on Empathy)
  • Rainbow Fish- Fishy Story and Copy Cat Fish Books
  • Winners Don't Whine and Whiners Don't Win Book
  • Armadillo Tattletale Book
  • Howard Learns About Bullies
  • Trusty Becomes an Upstander
  • Big Deals and Little Deals Book and Interactive Lesson
  • Green-eyed Goose (Overcoming Envy and Jealousy)
  • I Can Make Good Choices Booklet
  • Bucket Filling from A to Z Book
  • Building Good Character Activity Booklet
  • Whose Tools Are These Book & Career Town Website
  • When I Grow Up Career Book with Paws in Jobland Career Exploration Website
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