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Fourth Grade Activities

Fourth Grade Guidance meets once a week with Mrs. Hardy, Guidance Services Director.

Examples of topics covered and material used include:

1. On Your Way to School Success Workbook-Know Your School and Organization
2. Growth Mindset
3. On Your Way to School Success Workbook-Participation & Note-taking
4. Time Management Skills
5. On Your Way to School Success Workbook-Reading to Learn & Studying Smart
6. On Your Way to School Success Workbook- Test Taking Skills & Reaching Goals
7. On Your Way to School Success Workbook- Good Character, Dealing with Bullying & Staying Healthy
8. Kindness – Counselor’s Camp Activity
9. Positive Thinking and Coping Skills
10. Growth Mindset
11. Touch Safety/Internet Safety Program
12. Thankful Craft Activity
13. Stress Management
14. Hermey The Elf--Finding a Job That Fits
15. The Sparkle Box Book
16. Catching the Moon - Marcenia Lyle Story(Storyline)
17. Good Citizenship and Caring for the Earth
18. Dr. Martin Luther King Booklet
19. Conflict Resolution – Using I Messages Brochure
20. Harassment Hurts - Rumors/Gossiping
21. Harassment Hurts- Teasing/Taunting
22. Harassment Hurts – Bullying
23. Harassment Hurts – Doing the Right Thing
24. Kindness is Golden March Activity
25. The Technology Tail – A Digital Footprint Lesson
26. Drug Awareness Bingo
27. Career Exploration- “What Do I Want to Be?”
28. Career Video – Careers in STEAM ( Science, Technology, English, Art and Math)
29. Who You Were Made To Be Book and Activity